Hi everyone


So when I first created this account my intention was to write about Long Distance Relationships LDR (that is why my url is myloveoverdistance) and how I had accomplish to keep a loving and great (or I believed that) even if my loved one was an ocean away. But then I forgot about the blog and I wrote nothing…..a shame.

But now I am back but everything has changed. I am single now, heartbroken and depressed.

I was engaged to lets call him Mr. D. for a year before he cowardly call off the wedding by text. After that my life has been a nightmare. Everyday I wake up and I beg that everything was just a bad dream…..but it wasn’t. It happened and I cannot cope.

Don’t think too bad of him yet, it was more than a breakup up text. But this is just the beggining of my way of expressing myself becase I need to let it out.

I haven’r recovered  yet….I must say I have recovered 10% which is barely nothing. Somedays it hurts as it was yesterday.

I hope some pleople will identify with me and share their thoughs.


Blessings from Miss M.


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