Sell unused wedding gown

Its been quite a long time since I wrote here. Soon it will be a year since my exfiance left me and it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally found the courage to sell my wedding dress.

I loved it since the first time I saw it, I new it was the one. Funny thing is that before even thinking about getting married I saw a very similar dress in pinterest (I do not remember why I got there I remember that I loved it and if I ever got married I will find that dress).

So when I got engaged I start looking up dresses and I found Watters wedding gowns and choose several ones…. and yes! later I found out that dress from pinterest was the same designer!

Anyway I bougther way to much in advance as the boutique told me it was going to take up to 8 months to arrive plus the time for adjustments so I bought in september for my may wedding.

Unluckly for me, it arrived earlier….in october………and my wedding was called of in late november.



I keept it at my cousin’s as I couldn’t stand to see it anymore, reminded me what I lost, what it could have been. Pretty devasting for me.

So last night I posted it on a website called preownedweddingdress and in less than a day I had a buyer…..I was sad, even if the poor drees has been keep unsed for a year. It deserves to be worn as it’s so beautiful. I hope it makes the bride very happy. I am crying as I write this, because even if I know that it’s just a dress and it’s material stuff, it was MY WEDDING DRESS that I dream with I was never worn by me……….

So if there is another girl with a cancelled wedding and her dress of their dreams: stay strong, I know how you feel. Do not rush and sell it, take yout time until you are ready to let go…that doesn’t mean it wont jurt anymore. And of course, think about getting some of your investment back!


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